What's Pocketstars, you ask? 

The ONLY fan site I will be updating. It'll contain sexy pics, full nudes, and updates. 

Pocketstars is: A sex-worker friendly platform. For content creators, by content creators. An adult community promoting diversity and inclusivity across the industry!"

Why don't I do OnlyFans or AVNstars anymore? 

The layout and features of Pocketstars are superior to the more mainstream sites, in my opinion. I charge monthly for access to all my photos and a little extra for pics of me sucking my girlfriend's dick, for example. You don't all nudes and dick sucking for $6.66, my friend. I just don't work like that. 

Pocketstars has an "explore" feature. They use a sex-worker friendly payment processor, which means the content they allow is much more flexible. In other words, I can have pee! I'll also be charging extra for pee, because it's a) more explicit and b) it'll hide those posts for followers who really just aren't into toilet.

It's so much easier when I already have an Onlyfans though.

It's so much better when you suck it up and support small businesses, not the dickwads that run Onlyfans though.