"I make men do gross and disgusting things."

So... what does this mean? I have it listed in all my profiles and get asked all the time. If you're looking for a master list, you won't find every example here. I like to leave some tricks up my sleeve.

I like making men do things that are so degrading and humiliating that their stomach sink with regret. So foul that they themselves are disgusted with themselves after our interaction. Things they will take to the grave.

I do have a sliding scale, based on my own assessment. Tasks can be as mild as sucking a door knob, licking a hotel bathtub floor, and of course a toilet. Cumming in a jar of mayonnaise, stirring it up, putting it back in the fridge and continue to use it until it's all completely gone. Scrubbing the floor with a toothbrush and then brushing your teeth with it. Saving your loads in the freezer and letting them melt on your tongue as you jerk off. Eating your boogers. Putting combinations of food in a blender and making you drink it. Putting things up your butt and sucking them clean. Drinking toilet water, be it chugging a full glass or lapping it up like a dog.

But I know what most of you want. Let's make one thing very clear: I am referred to as The Toiletatrix, for a reason.

I have made men do everything imaginable with their own shit or piss. I won't list those things here. They are to be experienced, not discussed. For $10/task, you may email and receive your very own. I have over 150 different tasks at the ready.

I do sessions where I piss as well, but not via Niteflirt, Streamate, or Cammodeldirectory. If you contact me and mention these sites, we will not be able to do it. $150 minimum.

As you may already know, I have a plethora of toilet-fantasy based content. But I also have videos of myself expelling my waste available for a VERY high price. These are not listed on my clip sites. Inquire if interested.