The first time I humiliated a boy.

I thought it might be a good idea to blog about some of my experiences as a domme, to give you a little idea of my personal life.

So here's a little story of the first guy I ever humiliated.

I was always a bit of a bully in school, but there was one particular instance where I absolutely tormented a boy for months.

My girl friend and I were chatting online with this random guy in our class and he started sexting with her. We thought it was hilarious so we kept encouraging him and fucking with him. When he finally came he asked us "should I eat it?"

This was the first time either of us had ever heard of such a thing, and we blew our cover immediately. We laughed at him hysterically and made fun of him for such a disgusting fetish. To this day, I find cum eating disgusting... which is why I like making guys do it. It's degrading.

And we certainly degraded him. The next day we started our months of humiliation. We knew where his locker was and would stand around it between classes and loudly reference what he had said.... "should I eat it?" My friend would offer me a piece of gum and I would say something like "I don't know, it's cinnamon... should I eat it?"

He started avoiding his locker.

Then we started getting him in the cafeteria. We'd go sit right behind his table and ask each other if we should eat this or that, "this banana looks a little overripe... should I eat it?"

This went on for months. Slipping notes into his locker. Following him around, walking home behind him after school for a block or two, talking about it the whole time.

Finally, prom came.

Our school always decorated the hallways during prom week, and after the seniors went to prom they would come back to the school for games (to keep them from going out drinking, I think). They had a huge sign hung up where friends and family could write messages for the prom-goers to read later.

I bet you can only imagine what we wrote.